Space for Giants

Elephant collaring and tracking

Space for Giants is an international conservation organisation that protects the great wildlife landscapes that Africa's remaining elephants need to thrive.

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Space for Giants grew out of pioneering research in the early 2000s into how to encourage the co-existence of people and wildlife in modernising Africa. Since then, we have spent close to two decades working in these landscapes, studying how people and wild animals live together, and how that relationship is changing.

Our Vision

A secure future for elephants and their landscapes forever

Our Mission

To conserve African elephants and the landscapes they depend on

How does tracking help?

  • Provide date on elephant movement patterns.

  • Support long term elephant monitoring and evaluation of interventions implemented.

  • Identification of elephant corridors and home ranges for planning.

  • Provide information to guide policy making at regional, national and international levels.

  • Provide information to support the National Spatial Plan.

  • Better our global understanding of elephant ecology.

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Our Target: £15,000

This fund will allow us to collar 1 elephant