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DustAid partners with Liquid and Electroneum for Xmas raise

If you're not already in the holiday spirit, this will get you there. Liquid will be donating a portion of their trading fees to a good cause.

Cryptocurrency has been one of the most interesting developments of the past decade. It's helping people across the globe to become financially free. For example, in some countries crypto is being used to escape hyper-inflation. Since most cryptocurrencies are decentralised and have a fixed supply, they are immune to hyper-inflation, unlike Government issued fiat currencies. 

We are thankful for the power of cryptocurrency and for everyone that uses Liquid because of it. 

Giving this Christmas

Between 21st December and the start of next year Liquid are committing half of the fees earned through ETN trading fees on Liquid to three hand-picked charities via DustAid

So if you're feeling charitable, all you have to do is buy or sell ETN on Liquid between 21st December and 2nd January. Half of the fees you pay will go straight to charity!

We would also like to take this opportunity to suggest you consider donating too - it's for a good cause and even the smallest donation helps. Small donations are worth more because fees aren't paid to middlemen… thanks crypto! 

Our chosen charities


This project in Malawi, South East Africa, runs a local internet cafe where all profits are used to send local girls to school. This area was recently devastated by a cyclone, creating a desperate situation. Tiyepad provides education and opportunity for the local underprivileged women. 

Little Edi Shoebox Appeal

Little Edi is a UK registered charity that helps orphans in Europe. For Shoebox Project they buy, wrap, pack and deliver Christmas presents to the poorest children in Europe that would otherwise receive nothing at Christmas. All boxes are hand delivered with love by a Shoebox Dream Team who travel out each year.


DustAid are on a mission to help charity projects all over the world accept crypto and access funding and networks that they simply would not be able to do otherwise. 

About DustAid

DustAid is a cryptocurrency charity that aggregates cryptocurrency dust and micro-donations to fund life changing charitable projects all over the world. It’s an excellent initiative leveraging the power of cryptocurrency to change lives.

About Electroneum 

Electroneum is a mobile based cryptocurrency that is dead set on creating a financial revolution and achieving large-scale real life adoption of cryptocurrency. There are over 1.7 Billion unbanked individuals in the world. ETN can change that. 

Electroneum aims to provide access to digital payments for everyone worldwide. Using cryptocurrency, the Electroneum team have created a new digital payments ecosystem that allows anyone to store, send and receive digital funds via their smartphone - no bank account required.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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