Little Edi Foundation

The Shoebox Project


Target Cost Per Project

£10,000 (£10 per box)

Project Inception

Ongoing - yearly

What is The project about?

Working in the UK with local schools, nurseries, community groups and some very hard working friends, we wrap, pack and send 800 - 1000 shoe boxes to the very poorest children in the rural villages of Moldovia, Romania.  These children would otherwise receive nothing at Christmas.


Project Aims

Every child deserves a future. Every child deserves an education.

To provide Xmas Shoeboxes to children living in poverty Moldovia. Our aim is to show the ‘Forgotten Children’ someone cares.


Project Location

Rural Moldovia, Romania.


How it Works

All boxes are transported by Medical Missionary News based in Wickford, Essex at no cost to the charity. The boxes are hand delivered with love by our Shoebox Dream Team who travel out each year.

Total cost per project


Cost Per shoe box



Charity Contact

Mrs Tess Griggs

t. +44(0)7859 815929


Project Contact

Mrs Tess Griggs

t. +44(0)7859 815929


Our Target


With this fund, we can send 1,000 shoeboxes