Does DustAid profit in anyway from donations?

No. DustAid aims to send all donations directly to the Charities as all operating costs are covered by income from the DustFund.

My Charity does not accept Bitcoin at this point, is that an issue?

Not at all! At DustAid we will work with your Charity in order to be able to accept Bitcoin as soon as possible, it is very simple. Please contact us for more information!

I don't trade much but can I still donate?

Absolutely! While we are aiming at exchanges and wallets, we would urge you to donate where ever you see the 'DustAid' logo on regular Crypto websites.

Can I contact the Charity directly?

Of course! We are happy for anyone to contact our Charity partners, in fact we encourage it to get an enhanced flavour of what they are trying to achieve and where all donations will be spent.

Can I get tax relief on Crypto donations?

Tax on Crypto donations depends on the jurisdiction in which you currently reside.