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Reason for project:

Sponsor the education of 100 students for a year



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Our entire experience has revealed that poor children living in backward, downtrodden, slums and Kachi Abadis are highly talented and intelligent, provided they are properly guided and educated. We have consistently expanded to cater to these areas and are coming up with specialized programs to meet the financial demands required to run and continually grow the organization.  




How it works:

Currently we have over 4500 students studying at the 8 campuses at Idara Al Khair, out of which we have regular sponsors and sustainable avenues for about 3200 students. For the remaining students, we look at donors to sponsor a single child in the “Help a dream” program (approx. $10/month or $120/year.) 

Impact to date:

The help a dream program has helped sponsor over 700 students since the program was launched in 2016. 




Charity Contact:

Jiyad Ahsan 

Contact Number:

092 337 976 1437

Project Contact:

Saad Sheikh 

Project Number:

092 308 245 9242 

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