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Reason for project:

To create a predictable revenue stream  by building a more secure building to house the Printernet Cafe established 6 months ago.

Profits have been and will continue  to send girls to school. To invest in enterprise in the community.  The building will  serve as a protected and secure community center to connect  the many groups working in Tuchila. The immediate situation is  to respond to destruction created by the recent cyclone and protect investments made in equipment.

The ongoing work by many agencies working on different problems with village people



Details of Project:



To get to the next stage of the Printernet Cafe we have had for 8 months. To fund at least one girl getting to school.

 $2500 will pay for building. We have the land and have made the bricks and buying two computers. The foundation of the building is being built today.



Over the last 7 months, we earned a profit of $1750. Some of that profit was used to pay school fees for girls. (Documentation on request)

Giving  village people affordable  access to the full internet, and printing facilities for those without. Aiming to spread literacy across the area, e.g. Health issues like Fistula, Aids ...

Being a place where village people can be taught  to use google search, Wikipedia, YouTube  as well as MS word an the Google ecosystem:  Gdocs, Gspreadsheets, G photo, .

Teaching people how to effectively use Facebook



How it works:

The Cafe earns profit by renting time for access to the Internet and printing documents for people in the village.

Impact to date:

The profits from the publishing center has to date paid for 15 girls’  school fees.




Charity Contact:

Thuchila Youth Empowerment Programme and Development Network(TIYEPAD (TIYEPAD NETWORK) P.O.Box 17 Thuchila. Mulanje. Malawi

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Contact Email:

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