About DustAid

A Blockchain for good project

DustAid was formed in response to the many criticisms being faced by traditional charities. We see an opportunity with Blockchain technology to create a transparent ecosystem which delivers 100% of the funds donated directly to the people who need it the most. By partnering with a wide range of Blockchain projects, exchanges and wallets, DustAid also intends to help cryptocurrency traders and investors utilise the “Dust” left in wallets to make a difference. We will help you clean up the dust and send it directly to a range of smaller Global charity projects where it will make a huge difference.

Our Vision

To utilise Blockchain technology to deliver a transparent and functional charitable donation infrastructure, which provides a clear, accountable, end to end system for both donors and charities.

Our Mission

To become the first recognised and most widely adopted Blockchain based charity project.

Our Values

Transparency, Trust, Fairness.

Join the Alliance

The DustAid alliance is always looking for new partners and Blockchain projects to drive wider adoption.

Support DustAid

With 100% of your donations going to charity, we also run a small DustFund to support DustAid’s running costs.

Blockchain for good

Blockchain technology will revolutionise many sectors in the near future. We believe Charity will be one of the 1st.


Help support DustAid

Your donation to DustAid will support the development of our technology.